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General Information
System Requirements
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Upgrading From SIAM 2

General Information

The SIAM (Source Inventory And Management) program was designed to aid in the inventory and management of Broad Scope Byproduct Radioactive Material Licenses. SIAM allows the Radiation Safety Officer or Health Physicist to exercise a high degree of control over the radioactive material inventory. Inventory quantities can be instantly compared to Nuclear Regulatory Commission and/or Agreement State limits. Additionally, use of SIAM permits rapid access to inventory information and dramatically reduces the amount of time and money normally spent on inventory upkeep.

Reports on license quantities, location or user inventories, leak checks, and disposal quantities are easily obtained. The following features are included in the SIAM program:


bulletLicense Limit Reports
bulletAutomated Decay Correction
bulletLicense Limit Checking
bulletUser Inventory Reports
bulletEdit and Change License Limits
bulletUser Limit Reports
bulletTracking of Mixed Nuclide Sources
bulletUser Limit Checking
bulletTrack Exempt and Non-exempt Sources
bulletLeak Check Scheduling
bulletLocation Inventory Reports
bulletLeak Check History Reports
bulletNuclide Inventory Reports
bulletSophisticated Error Checking
bulletDisposal Reports
bulletSource Lineage Reports
bulletSearch the Inventory for Specific Data
bulletSegmenting/Branching of Large Sources


SIAM is user friendly and can be used by persons with little or no computer training. The entire program is menu driven. The program has extensive error checking to ensure data is properly input and output information is accurate and reliable.

SIAM has been in commercial use for twelve years. SIAM is used by hospitals, research facilities, national laboratories, and nuclear power plants.

System Requirements

The SIAM 3 program runs on Windows 95, 98, and NT4. Support for Windows 2000 Professional is expected by the 2nd quarter of 2000.  A Pentium 120 MHz processor, 32 Mbytes of RAM (64 for NT) and 22 Mbytes of drive space is recommended. 


What's New

SIAM version 3 is a major re-engineering of the SIAM software.  Both the user interface and the database were changed.  General features and functions stay the same.  However, the source licensing model is much more flexible and allows users to closely track license limits.  All sources are automatically decayed to the current date. Users can export reports to files in a variety of formats including HTML.

Upgrading from SIAM 2

To incorporate the new features into SIAM we upgraded the database and the database design.  There are several new data fields.  To transfer SIAM 2 data into SIAM 3 you will need to email a copy of your SIAM 2 database.  We will transfer the existing data and review the new SIAM setup with you.